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New versions of application forms and guidance for points-based system applicants

06 August 2010 On 30 July 2010, the UK Border Agency published new versions of the following application forms under the points-based system: Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Tier 1 (Investor) Tier 1 (Post-study work) Tier 2 (all categories) Tier 4 (Child) Tier 5 (Temporary worker) dependants of points-based system applicants Change of circumstances These forms, which […]

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Refusals based on the points-based system’s maintenance (funds) requirement

23 July 2010 If you have been refused permission to enter or stay in the UK (known as ‘entry clearance’ and ‘leave to remain’) solely because you failed to meet the maintenance (funds) requirement of your points-based system application, you may wish to request a review of your case.

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