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Smart Suits, Fine Legal Brain

By Anny OSABUTEY Kow Essuman loves to dress smart for work, and he has an excellent work ethic to reflect that. On the day we met for a chat, he talked passionately about Ghana and the forces that got him out of a rather comfortable life in England and the United States of America, where […]

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Final Thoughts – 5 October 2014

Lives are lost on a daily basis on our public roads, partly because of reckless driving but mostly because our roads are not constructed properly due to lack of funds and poor procurement processes. Quality healthcare has become a luxury. Most Ghanaians cannot afford it. Lack of quality water and erratic power supply have become […]

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The Liverpool Saga

I chose not to blog about this issue but changed my mind when I realised not only was it an interesting topic from a sporting angle but also, it raises a lot of legal issues that lawyers, especially international lawyers, should take notice of. Also, most importantly, I believe patrons of my blog will find […]

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