A Conscious Effort Drives Sin Away

Before my quiet time this morning, I got this word, which spoke to my spirit, and I received further understanding of it and decided to share. You know when you wake up in the morning, you have this daily Bible verse show up on your Bible App and then you go “yes, that is really […]

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Choosing God’s Way Is Choosing Life

God does not impose His way on us, He has given us a choice between life and good, death and evil. Which one are you going to choose?

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My Lent Testimony

I decided to do a full fast for the entire 40 days lent period. Yes, I fasted everyday until 6pm; sometimes with water, and other times without water. It was tough at times, the temptations flew in from all angles to satisfy the flesh. I fell a few times but I go up again and moved on because I was determined and was living in grace, which was sufficient. I was attacked spiritually and survived. In the end, God’s glory shone and I have no doubt in my heart that I need to share my testimony of lent this year with you.

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