Ghana Youth Employment Forum

The Ghana Youth Employment Forum shall exist to bring together Young Entrepreneurs to be trained with the necessary skill sets to boost and advance the course of their businesses, to employ and potentially help solve Ghana’s Current Unemployment rate.

The rate of unemployment as at the year 2009 per a report by the Ghana Statistical Service in the Ghana Standard of Living report stood at 11.26 percent, the same cannot be said today with no existing information to that effect. Therefore we have taken steps to help reduce this Unemployment rate by instituting the Ghana Youth Employment Forum.

Our goal is to help reduce our rate of unemployment by identifying key job opportunities in all sectors of the economy giving prominence to the key sectors and making the jobs available to the people of Ghana through a constant engagement with Stakeholders in all sectors of the economy with primary importance for Entrepreneurs. We believe that taking practical steps in solving the Issue of Unemployment will require answering two key Questions “Where are the Jobs and How best can we make the Jobs available to the good people of Ghana” and by further strengthening partnerships to ensure that many are enrolled into these productive ventures that we will identify in these sectors.

For the purposes of the maiden edition of the Ghana Youth Employment Forum, we shall focus generally on all the general sectors of the Economy, and do a general cross study of “Where the Jobs are and How Best we can get the Jobs to the people” this will go a long way to facilitate our subsequent series of the Ghana Youth Employment Forum in engaging with the relevant stakeholders per Ministry or Sector to look at How we can identify and get the Jobs available in these specific sectors to the good people of Ghana by ensuring that the necessary partnerships are made. We believe that the Creative Industry, Industry and Agriculture are some key areas which hold enormous employment potentials and economic gains for our country Ghana.

The Ghana Youth Employment Forum to be held on the 1st of November 2011 at the World Bank Office, Accra, will be a forum that will feature an engagement by some Key Business Leaders in Ghana including the Deputy Minister for Finance Hon. Fiifi Kwettey, and 15 Key Entrepreneurs in Ghana to be selected to address the issue of “Where the Jobs are and How we can get the jobs to the people of Ghana” It is our hope to make this forum as practical as possible and engaging to be very result oriented in achieving our goal of helping to reduce Ghana’s rate of Unemployment. There will also be a Clinic on at the Totally Youth Office opposite Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, for the general populace to be schooled on the necessary skill sets to starting these business opportunities we will identify. Participants in this Clinic will converge at the Premises of Totally Youth at Alisa Hotel, opposite North Ridge. This edition of the Program will be aired live on Vibe 91.9 FM and other partner stations from 9:00am-12:00pm.It is our hope to, in the future, invite some notable Business Men across the Globe with their business modules to Ghana to help our cause.

Some sponsors for now include, The World Bank, EPP Book Services, Totally Youth, Vibe FM, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare, and PZ Cussons.

Programme Outline for the Ghana Youth Employment Forum

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