Francis Thomas Anderson – A Promising Young Man

I do not think I ever met Francis Thomas Anderson (I may have) but my very good friends: Mabel Simpson, Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, and EmperorTonyi Senayah are very saddened by his departure. Their sadness had an impact on me so I got interested in what happened to Francis, and what I found out made me very sad.

Armed robbers were on a robbing spree in the area that Francis lived. They had visited a couple of houses before Francis’ house. Francis heard them coming into his house so he went out of the bedroom to try to prevent them from coming into his house. His wife, whom he had married in December 2014, and who was 8-months pregnant with his child, locked herself in the bedroom after Francis left. The next thing she heard were gunshots. The robbers then ransacked the house and left. She came out of the bedroom to her bleeding husband, and shouted for help but it was too late. Francis was no longer with the living.

Such a promising young man with a lovely wife and an unborn child. And I am quite sure he was probably protecting them. Francis is known for his creativity. He designed the logos of emerging brands in Ghana such as mSimps and Horseman Shoes. And I am sure many other brands that I am not yet aware of.

I know how it feels to be robbed; because, I have been robbed before, at gun point by 5 guys in Accra, nearly 7 years ago. It wasn’t a nice experience especially because I was on holiday from England and had a wonderful night out with friends. I vowed that if I ever became a judge, no armed robber would see the light of day if they ended up in my court. I still hold that view. They are cruel and wicked people who deserve no ounce of mercy.

God keep you safe, Francis. And I pray your wife isn’t overly shocked and that your gruesome murder does not affect her pregnancy and your unborn child. That child needs to be born so that your legacy will continue. I am certain that my friends, tagged in this post, will tell him/her how wonderful you were and about the great Ghanaian brands you created. My deepest condolence to your family and friends.

Rest in peace!!!

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