Get Ready!

2016 – This year came sooner than I actually expected it. Ha! I hope you did not believe that statement because I could not wait for 2016 to come. Glad it is finally here. Yes, seriously I am.

2016 is a critical year in Ghana. It is an election year and as you may already be aware, I intend to be very vocal this year, especially online. I intend to increase the number of things I say either through my Facebook or Twitter accounts.

I have taken a position – I want CHANGE! We cannot keep this government in power. We just cannot. Can you imagine another 4 years of this government? Can you imagine another 4 years of unprecedented corruption, gross mismanagement of public funds, unjustified increases in utility prices, fuel prices and taxes, and last but not the least, DUMSOR! Nope, I cannot imagine it and I do not want to imagine it.

Forgive me if the politically related posts on my blog/website become more than any other posts I put up. Bear with me. Please. This government needs to go, like yesterday. And people need to know why they need to go.

On some days, I will just rant. I am entitled to that. So GET READY!

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