Overcome Sin Today

We were born dead. Funny right? But yes, we were born spiritually dead because of sin. And we were heading towards eternal death. For the wages of sin is death.

But God being the loving Father that He is, looked at us and had mercy. He sent His only begotten son to die for us and conquer death. Jesus came to earth to die for you and I. His death was not an ordinary death. It was as shameful as you could get in those days. He was humiliated and disgraced just because of you and I. He could have chosen not to do it but the Father’s will (of saving His children – you and I – from eternal death) had to prevail. So Jesus died.

And you know what His death brought to us. Oh my! Every right of ours restored. His death replaced sin with righteousness. That whosoever (means any Tom, Dick and Harry including Kofi, Kwame and Ama) believes in Jesus Christ shall be saved and shall not die eternally. By faith we receive this free gift of salvation. By grace we are saved from eternal death.

Being born again brings you back into the Kingdom of God. It means the Spirit of God returns to live in you. It means you get to exercise the rights as a child of God. And believe me those rights are amazing. The devil knows those rights that’s why he keeps deceiving God’s children and putting fear into them.

But I encourage you to take the first step today. Accept the Lord Jesus as your saviour. Say a prayer asking Him to be the Lord of your life; that He should forgive you of all sins you have committed until this time and that He should give you grace not to sin again; that His will should prevail in your life and not yours; that He should come and live in your heart and tell you what to do; that He should write your name in the book of life. Believe the prayer when you say it and you shall be saved.

Let’s overcome sin today. It’s Maundy Thursday. #PassionWeek

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