God Is Worthy Of My Praise

Have you ever taken a minute to appreciate how great the God we worship is? I did. And the experience was just so overwhelming. I mean, if you could just pause and think about the greatness of God, you will realize that He is worthy of our praise and even more. I mean when mere human beings create stuff, we praise them. When mere human beings chalk certain successes, we honor them. When mere human beings attain certain levels in life, we acknowledge. In fact, I know of a saying that goes like, “give credit where credit is due.” My point is if mere human beings who are honored, acknowledged and praised for things that they did over the years with their brains and hands, how much more our God who lives in heaven?
Have you looked around you? See all the trees, the sea, the animals, the stars, the different seasons, the milky way, all the planets (those that we know and those that do not know). How do you think they came into existence? If you believe God created them, take a minute and think about He created everything. The heavens and the earth and everything that is within it. God created them. He did not use His hands or any tools or anything that the mere human beings that we praise, acknowledge and honor, use. He spoke. Yes, His words brought everything we see into existence. He said “Let there be …” and there was.
Has any mere human being spoken for anything to be created before? Imagine Tim Cook saying, “Let there be iPhone 7.” If it was that easy, Tim Cook would have invented iPhones every month by just speaking but he cannot. Tim Cook is not God. (I am not picking on Tim Cook. I think iPhones are the best innovation. I love my Apple products.) Yet we marvel at the iPhones that his company creates and praise him for it because he is head of the company that created. God just needed to speak and everything came into existence.
When the time came for God to create human beings, he simply breathed into us and we had life. That simple? My God is just too awesome and worthy of praise. His breath brought me to life. The giver of my life deserves all my praise, acknowledgment and honor. I cannot pay Him for giving me life or allowing me to wake up every morning, breathing freely. Even check out how the human system works. He made everything perfect. It took medicine years to figure some of it out and they are still trying to figure it out. That is the God I worship.
Yo, my God is great and I will bow before Him any day. I will worship Him and give Him all my praise. I am insignificant when it comes to my God. I cannot imagine not worshipping Him. I mean, I can’t think far, in that regard. I will go on my knees and worship the Great I AM. I yield my spirit to Him on a daily basis and I pray that He uses me for whatever He wants. What I want is irrelevant. Yes, what I want is irrelevant. I mean if He can just speak for everything we see to exist, why should I care about my wants?
Thank you Jesus, for amazing revelations!

Written by Kow Essuman, Esq. ACIArb

The author is a barrister; qualified to practise law in England and Wales, New York and Ghana; an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in England; a Global Shaper (Accra Hub) of the World Economic Forum and a firm believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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