The Call To Ministry Is Simple – “Follow Me”

I just realised that my last blog post was such a long time ago – October 2016. To be honest, I have written down a number of things that I intended to share with you but unfortunately, I have not been able to find the time to do so. Yes, I know, that is no excuse and that I need to sit up and write because I know many of you look up to this blog for some inspiration – at least, that is the feedback I get and I do hope it is true.  Anyway, enough of recounting my shortfalls but do say a prayer for me because I need grace to continue writing.

I wrote what I am about to share with you on 7 July 2016 after my Bible study and I think it is an appropriate message to begin the year with – at least on my blog. From the Bible study, I learnt that when God calls you to ministry, it is really a simple call. There is nothing complicated about the call to ministry. God has no major discussions with you or the people He calls to ministry. He simply says, “Follow Me.”

However, as human as we are, when we hear God calling us, we ask all the “unnecessary” questions especially, “how am I going to survive?” and “what am I going to do?” I think the answers to these questions are part of the call to ministry – that is we need to trust God to take care of all our anxieties and worries when we are called to ministry. In fact, we should simply drop all that we are doing and follow Him.

Matthew 4:19-20 gives us a clear example of what to do when God calls us. It states:

Then He said to them “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him.

The Scriptures tell us that Peter and Andrew, who were fishermen and were fishing at the time they were called by Jesus to follow Him, did not hesitate or ask the usual questions. They simply dropped what earned them a living and followed Jesus. They did not wait for a week or a month or a year. They followed Jesus immediately.

That is how God wants us to accept His call to ministry. We must drop our nets immediately, not worrying about tomorrow or anything and follow the Lord. And yes, He will make us fishers of men.

Now, I was encouraged by the level of faith shown by the disciples when they simply stopped what they did for a living and followed Jesus. I found their conduct to be quite challenging because it means I have to drop everything and trust Jesus. That is not an easy thing to do whilst on earth but very rewarding for the kingdom of God.

Our call to ministry may be to share the word of God with people at our places of work or in our neighbourhood or to live our lives as God would want us to live it and that may require dropping everything and following God. In all this, we need grace.

Written by Kow Essuman, Esq. ACIArb

The author is a barrister; qualified to practise law in England and Wales, New York and Ghana; an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in England; a Global Shaper (Accra Hub) of the World Economic Forum and a firm believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

1 Comments on “The Call To Ministry Is Simple – “Follow Me””

  1. Awesome piece.. its indeed profound & hope to be reading more from you cos its really inspiring.. “God in everything”

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