Lent 2017 – Day Twelve

Envy and selfish ambition are recipes for disorder and evil practices. When we are envious or jealous of things that have been given to others, we lose focus of what we have been given. We have all been created with different gifts and talents, and we are expected to use our gifts and talents to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives and to minister to others. Selfish ambition distracts us from ministering to others and we end up focusing on just ourselves. God did not give us gifts and talents for us to use for ourselves but to be used to serve other people. James makes it clear that where envy and selfish ambition exist, you will find disorder and every evil practice. This is true because when we are jealous of the gifts and talents that others have, and want those gifts for ourselves, we resort to all kinds of evil means to get those gifts and talents. Disorder will be present because we will not be following God’s order and we will not be focused on what God wants us to do. Let us all eschew envy and selfish ambition and be willing to serve each other with our gifts and talents.


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