Lent 2017 – Day Twenty-Seven

There are certain declarations that secure your position or standing in life. One of such declarations is that which the Psalmist makes in this verse. The Lord is my rock. A rock is a solid material which cannot be broken easily. A house built on a rock cannot be washed away easily when the rains come. If the Lord is your rock then it means you have a solid backing in times of trouble. Then it says the The Lord is my fortress. A fortress is a stronghold usually used in reference to the military. In a fortress, one is protected and the enemy cannot penetrate a fortress easily or at all. If the Lord is your fortress then you know you safe from the enemy. The Lord is my saviour is self-explanatory. When you are trouble you can be assured that the Lord will step in and save your from whatever trouble you are in.

Let us make the declaration today: the Lord is my rock, my fortress and my saviour.


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