Know The Truth

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32 NLT

People who tell lies live in bondage because they are subject to the lie they told. They always have to remember the lie and make it consistent with subsequent events. When they are caught, they tell another lie to cover up the first lie and on and on until they are unable to tell anymore lies and the truth is revealed. The guilt they carry when they tell a lie keeps them in a mental and emotional prison – bondage.

There are also people who have no guilt when they tell lies because they tell lies so effortlessly. Those people don’t even know that they are in bondage. The ignorance of bondage in itself is bondage.

But then there is something about the truth. When you tell the truth you carry no burden of guilt. You walk around with a free and clear conscience. You don’t have to think about consistency with subsequent event because the truth is one. No one can change the truth. The truth indeed sets you free.

The truth in this verse, however, goes beyond that. It is the truth about salvation – that Jesus Christ came to die for ALL sinners and reconcile us to the Father. Jesus Christ is the truth (not Paul Pierce lol). In John 14:6, He said that He is the way, the TRUTH, and the light. When we know Jesus, He sets us free from bondage.

I pray that you will know the truth today, so that you shall be set free. Have a blessed day!


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