#PatrioticSpaces: Revamping the Reading Culture among Ghanaians

On Wednesday, 25 January 2023, Hayford Siaw, the CEO of Ghana Library Authority, joined Kow Essuman on the weekly #PatrioticSpaces conversation on Twitter. Mr Siaw shared with the audience the impressive work that the Ghana Library Authority has been doing to promote a reading culture and access to books in Ghana.

Mr Siaw began by highlighting the significant increase in the number of libraries that have been constructed and the rise in the number of books available in Ghanaian libraries. He mentioned that the number of books has grown from 400,000 to 1.4 million in recent years. This is a testament to the efforts of the Authority to increase access to reading materials for Ghanaians.

He also spoke about the partnerships that the Authority has established with the private sector. These partnerships have been vital in increasing the number of books available in libraries and providing funding for various initiatives aimed at promoting the reading culture in Ghana.

Mr Siaw also discussed the Authority’s efforts to bring libraries closer to the people, particularly in rural areas. He mentioned the mobile libraries or “libraries on wheels” that have been introduced to reach remote communities. These mobile libraries have been equipped with books, e-books and other reading materials, providing access to books and other reading materials to people who may not have been able to access them otherwise. He added that the library vans have also been equipped with computers to provide access to the children in the rural areas.

Another innovative initiative discussed by Hayford Siaw is the use of technology to bring the library closer to the people. He spoke about the Ghana Library App, which is available to users on the Apple Store and Google Play store to access books, e-books and other reading materials, as well as library services and information. This has made it possible for users to access library services and resources from anywhere, at any time. He also spoke about the National Reading Day on September 8 and the effort to get the nation reading on that day. There was a suggestion from one speaker that we should have our leaders reading nationally for other citizens to emulate.

In conclusion, Hayford Siaw’s talk on #PatrioticSpaces highlighted the remarkable progress Ghana Library Authority has made in promoting the reading culture and increasing access to books in Ghana. The Authority’s efforts to bring libraries closer to the people, particularly in rural areas, through the use of mobile libraries and technology, is commendable. The Authority’s partnership with the private sector is also noteworthy. With the continued efforts of the Ghana Library Authority, we can look forward to an even more vibrant reading culture in Ghana.

#PatrioticSpaces is a platform dedicated to promoting patriotic conversations, national development and civic engagement on Twitter every Wednesday at 7pm. It is hosted by Kow Essuman (@kaessuman). Listen to the entire conversation here: #PatrioticSpaces: Revamping the Reading Culture among Ghanaians

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