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Do We Really Need Each Other?

It has been realised that women alone cannot lead the fight to achieve gender equality around the world. The HeForShe campaign is the best example of why both sexes need each other.

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Where Are The Bins?

Last year, whilst the rest of West Africa was hit with the deadly virus, Ebola, Accra, the capital city of the Ghana, the gateway to Africa, was hit by a cholera outbreak. It is inexcusable that in the 21st Century, any modern city such as Accra should face such an outbreak. Lives were lost and […]

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Francis Thomas Anderson – A Promising Young Man

God keep you safe, Francis. And I pray your wife isn’t overly shocked and that your gruesome murder does not affect her pregnancy and your unborn child. That child needs to be born so that your legacy will continue. I am certain that my friends, tagged in this post, will tell him/her how wonderful you were and about the great Ghanaian brands you created.

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