Francis Thomas Anderson – A Promising Young Man

I do not think I ever met Francis Thomas Anderson (I may have) but my very good friends: Mabel Simpson, Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, and EmperorTonyi Senayah are very saddened by his departure. Their sadness had an impact on me so I got interested in what happened to Francis, and what I found out made me very sad.

Armed robbers were on a robbing spree in the area that Francis lived. They had visited a couple of houses before Francis’ house. Francis heard them coming into his house so he went out of the bedroom to try to prevent them from coming into his house. His wife, whom he had married in December 2014, and who was 8-months pregnant with his child, locked herself in the bedroom after Francis left. The next thing she heard were gunshots. The robbers then ransacked the house and left. She came out of the bedroom to her bleeding husband, and shouted for help but it was too late. Francis was no longer with the living. Read More

Final Thoughts – 5 October 2014

Lives are lost on a daily basis on our public roads, partly because of reckless driving but mostly because our roads are not constructed properly due to lack of funds and poor procurement processes.

Quality healthcare has become a luxury. Most Ghanaians cannot afford it.

Lack of quality water and erratic power supply have become part of the everyday Ghanaian lifestyle. The last few months have seen thousands of Ghanaians living Accra die from cholera, a preventable epidemic, because of poor sanitation around the capital city.

These and many other problems facing our society today could easily have been avoided with the judicious use of public funds.

Yet, every month, no every week, we are bombarded with corruption scandals and stories about the mismanagement of public funds. They never seem to end. The government tells us they are fighting corruption. But, are they really? Read More

Takeover Code First Reveals New Private Equity Strategies – IFLR

The first offer announced under the new UK Takeover Code shows how the rules are pushing private equity firms towards different deal structures.

According to Nick Rees, a London-based Linklaters partner, HgCapital Funds’ agreed take-private offer for Group NBT, a domain name management company, contained significant changes to its terms.

The public to private deal was announced on September 23, making it the first offer announced under the new UK takeover regime. Read More

Ghana Youth Employment Forum

The Ghana Youth Employment Forum shall exist to bring together Young Entrepreneurs to be trained with the necessary skill sets to boost and advance the course of their businesses, to employ and potentially help solve Ghana’s Current Unemployment rate.

The rate of unemployment as at the year 2009 per a report by the Ghana Statistical Service in the Ghana Standard of Living report stood at 11.26 percent, the same cannot be said today with no existing information to that effect. Therefore we have taken steps to help reduce this Unemployment rate by instituting the Ghana Youth Employment Forum.

Our goal is to help reduce our rate of unemployment by identifying key job opportunities in all sectors of the economy giving prominence to the key sectors and making the jobs available to the people of Ghana through a constant engagement with Stakeholders in all sectors of the economy with primary importance for Entrepreneurs. We believe that taking practical steps in solving the Issue of Unemployment will require answering two key Questions “Where are the Jobs and How best can we make the Jobs available to the good people of Ghana” and by further strengthening partnerships to ensure that many are enrolled into these productive ventures that we will identify in these sectors. Read More