Lent 2017 – Day Two

Satan is excited when the Church is divided. The Church is the body of Christ and His lawful representative on earth. Let’s use the example of our human bodies for illustration: when we decide to do something or go somewhere, all parts of the body play along. Your arm will not say I will do […]

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Let us encourage new believers and people called to do the work of God, to stay in the church. Let us be the ones who are willing to stand in and vouch for them.
We never know, perhaps the single act of faith of vouching for them may be what causes them to stay in the church and do what God has called them to do.


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Our Sufferings Are Our Testimonies

Sometimes, we go through certain situations and struggles and we wonder, “oh God, why me? Can this suffering not pass me by?” If you are a believer, you will know that the sufferings are meant for our good; they are meant to give us a testimony for the glory of God. Let’s look at this […]

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