Lent 2017 – Day Three

This morning, I read in the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren that we need “hope to cope.” I totally agree with that saying. Human beings are engineered to have hope. Without hope we cease to exist. You have got to have hope. But what is important is what your hope is in. My hope is in God. When our hope is in God, we can rejoice. Even when we go through problems, trials and tribulations, we can be patient because we know that God knows the end from the beginning. In fact, He is the beginning and the end. In addition to being patient, we must pray constantly. What that means is that we must be in prayer all the time and pray about everything. We must give thanks, bring our petitions and burdens to God.

Let us pray always, be patient in tribulation and rejoice in the hope we have in God, our Father.


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