Lent 2017 – Day Four

Our relationship with God is supposed to be a two way street but often times, it is not – it is God loving us and we not loving Him back. Loving God requires obedience to the teaching of His son, Jesus Christ. In other words, we cannot say we love God when we are consciously and constantly disobeying His laws. Even when we disobey God’s laws, He is willing to forgive us but only if we confess our sins. God will love us back when we love Him. In fact, He loves us even when we do not love Him. The promise in this verse just brightens my life. Jesus assures us that they (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) will come to those who love Him (that is those who obey Him) and make Their home with them. Wouldn’t you want to have the Godhead living with you and going everywhere with you? I know I do.

Father, show me how to love you more than I do. Point out the areas where I fall short of obeying the teachings of Your Son. Come and make Your home with me. In Jesus name, Amen.


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