Lent 2017 – Day Eight

We are encouraged to trust in the Lord always. Not sometimes or once in a while but always. Always means all the time and on all occasions. We have to trust God in everything that concerns us and the people around us. Trusting God involves having a firm belief or confidence or faith in Him. When we trust in the Lord, we believe that He has got our best interest at heart and He will work everything out for our good. The Scripture tells us why we need to trust God. It says that God is the eternal rock. I find the description eternal rock to be very reassuring. It means that God is a firm and solid foundation that we can always rely on forever and without end. Somethings that we may put our trust in, eventually come to an end but God never ends. He is the beginning and the end.

Let us put our trust in the Lord today, and always.


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