A Tithing Testimony

Before the year ends, I feel the need to share this with you. I call it a “tithing testimony”. The other day, my friend and brother, Emmanuel Boate, put up a post about tithing and I agree with what he put up because it is true. There is so much blessing in tithing that when you fail or refuse to tithe, you miss out on your blessing.

This year, I kept a very good record of the tithe I paid in Church. And I was surprised to learn that by the 12th month, that is, December 2017, I had paid more in tithe than I did in 2016. There was a 120% increase in my tithing, which automatically means that there was a 120% increase in my salary. Truth be told, the struggle was real in 2017. I thought I was always broke but God made provision for me, and because I was faithful in my tithing, He ensured that I never lacked anything. Going into 2018, I’m going to challenge God and tithe even more because I believe in His promise attached to tithing.

If you have never tithed before, can I encourage you to start in 2018 and see what God does at the end of 2018? If you need any explanation on what it means to tithe or the reasons behind the promise attached to tithing, I will be happy to explain it to you and how you can monitor the blessings of God in your life. Just send me a private message.

These are Kingdom promises of our Father, and we are entitled to them if we follow His instructions.

Happy New Year.

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