God Is Bigger Than Your Goal

As the year inches to an end, it is time to reflect on the resolutions we made on 31st December, 2016 and 1st January, 2017. It is also time to reflect on how good the Lord has been to us. If you are like me, who keeps a journal, you will be able to track God’s goodness and you will realise that God has been, indeed, good.

For me, God promised to make me flourish in 2017, and He did. There were times that I did not think I was flourishing but God was there doing His thing and building my faith. There were times that I convinced myself that it was time to give up, and almost immediately, God showed up and reminded me that He is God. I’m a stronger person today because of all the struggles I went through in 2017. At the end of the year, I can say confidently that 2017 was a much better year for me than 2016, and there was no human effort involved, except for the people that God used to carry out His will for my life.

It is important that I add that I also made a covenant with God at the beginning of the year (on the first Sunday of 2017 – the Methodists call it Covenant Sunday) and sealed it with a sacrifice.

In addition to the reflections, it is also time to seek God’s guidance in setting new goals for 2018. My only advice is to set goals beyond your own capabilities, and trust God to deliver.

Your God is bigger than your goals.

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