Sinning Without Knowing

It is possible to be sinning and not even know that you are sinning. And the fact that you do not know that you are sinning does not mean that you will be exempted from the consequences of the sin. What we need is God’s grace to live and act with integrity, and innocence at all times so that God Himself will step into a situation when we are about to sin unknowingly.

In the case of Abraham and Abimelech, Abraham lied to Abimelech by telling him that Sarah was his sister. Abimelech took Sarah in with him but before he could do anything to Sarah, God appeared to him in a dream and warned him. In the dream, Abimelech told God that he had integrity in his heart and was acting innocently at all times. God responded by saying that he knew Abimelech had integrity in his heart that is why He stopped Him from sinning. Genesis 20:6 (NKJV) states:

And God said to him in a dream, “Yes, I know that you did this in the integrity of your heart. For I also withheld you from sinning against Me; therefore I did not let you touch her.

How many of us can God say something like that about the state of our hearts? We must work consciously to have integrity in our heart so that God can be merciful enough to save us from sinning without knowing that we are sinning. God then told Abimelech to restore Sarah so that Abraham could pray for him because Abraham was a prophet. Genesis 20:7 (NKJV) states:

Now therefore, restore the man’s wife; for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you shall live. But if you do not restore her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours.

Oh Lord, help me to maintain a heart of integrity, pleasing to you always. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Lent 2017 – Day Forty

A valuable lesson as we end the Lenten season. We should not try to impress others. The only person we should be concerned about impressing is our Father in heaven. We should not be selfish, but generous especially to those who have nothing. We should give without expecting anything in return. We should be humble and not proud, and think of others as better than ourselves. We should live our lives by these principles – this is the resurrected life.


Lent 2017 – Day Thirty-Nine

This verse serves as a good reminder as we draw closer to the end of the Lenten season. Our Lord Jesus is the resurrection and the life, and anyone who believes in Him will live. This is the whole point of the Easter season. Jesus came and died for us so that we may be reconciled to the Father. However, reconciliation can only take place when we believe in Jesus as the resurrection and the life.

Our faith in Jesus as our source of salvation opens the door to eternal life.


Lent 2017 – Day Thirty-Eight

The love that God showed to mankind cannot be understood by our normal human minds. While we were still sinners – in other words, while we rejected God and wanted to do what we wanted to do on our own – He sent His only son to come and die for us so that we can be saved and reconciled to Him. That is the greatest demonstration of love. But we should not be surprised because the Scriptures tell us that God is love. Therefore, if love is His very nature then showing love to such extent will be part of His nature.

Let us embrace the love that our Father has shown to us and demonstrate similar love towards our brothers and sisters on the earth.


Lent 2017 – Holy Wednesday

Today is Holy Wednesday.

It was on this day that the woman anointed Jesus with expensive perfume in Bethany. It was also on this day that Judas agreed to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. (See Matthew 26:6-16.)

As we remember this day, let us honour the Lord with our most expensive gift. Let us also ensure that we do not betray our Lord Jesus Christ through our actions and words.

Permit me to share this prayer from page 101 of the Methodist Book of Worship for Church and Home (1964):

“Assist us mercifully with thy help, O Lord God our salvation, that we may enter with joy upon the meditation of those mighty acts through wich thou hast given unto us life and immortality; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”