Perfection On Covenant Sunday

So tomorrow is a day of perfection and completion. It is Covenant Sunday in the Methodist Church and also the first Sunday of 2018. I encourage you to sow a great seed of sacrifice because, you see, 7 means perfection and I feel the Lord saying that He will perfect everything that He has started in our lives this year.

But that’s not the only reason why I am encouraging you to sow a great seed of sacrifice. I am also encouraging you because there are some very serious spiritual benefits when you make a covenant with God and keep your side of the bargain because God will always keep His side of the covenant.

Let me share a testimony with you. Last year, I made a covenant with God during the Covenant Service at the Methodist Church of Resurrection, Kpeehe in Accra. I used God’s word (Genesis 17:1-2 and Exodus 23:25) as the basis for my covenant. I even wrote these verses at the back of the cheque that I wrote as my sacrifice. During the sermon, the Holy Spirit possessed a lady, who rose to her feet and started prophesying in Fante. I knew immediately that it was the Holy Spirit that was speaking through her because of the kind of things the lady was saying. She prophesied that the Lord will see us through the year 2017, and this is the part that stood out for me. She said, “Yes, there may be challenges but know that I, the Lord your God, has already overcome those challenges.” I felt she was talking to me at that time.

I remember this incident vividly because I wrote the account in my journal and added, “In 2017, I know the Lord will make me flourish for His own sake.” I can say boldly that this prophecy came to pass because for me 2017 was a great year of testimony of God’s providence in my life, and yes, He made me flourish for His own sake. Oh, and there were challenges but He kept reminding me that He has overcome them so why am I worried.

So tomorrow I am going to renew my covenant with God, and also ask Him to perfect every good thing He has started in my life. I am ready for another year of testimony in 2018. Are you?




God Has Got Your Back

Another amazing promise of God for the year 2018. We often think that if we have money, then all our problems will be solved. We go chasing after more money because we are not satisfied with what we have and we want to take care of what happens in the future. I love this verse because it reminds us that God, who gave us what we have currently, will not fail us in the future. He will continue to ensure that we are satisfied and comfortable. So this year, as you go about your duties and responsibilities, remember this promise of God: He will never fail you or abandon you. God has got your back!

“Don’t love money; be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.”” – Hebrews 13:5 NLT

You Shall Not Die

As we begin this amazing year of 2018, I will entreat you to make this declaration daily. Let us secure our lives and the lives of our family members with the word of God. You will not die, but live, because God wants you to declare His works, the testimonies that He has given to you, and all the blessings He has blessed you with, to all the nations.

“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” – Psalms 118:17 KJV

A Tithing Testimony

Before the year ends, I feel the need to share this with you. I call it a “tithing testimony”. The other day, my friend and brother, Emmanuel Boate, put up a post about tithing and I agree with what he put up because it is true. There is so much blessing in tithing that when you fail or refuse to tithe, you miss out on your blessing.

This year, I kept a very good record of the tithe I paid in Church. And I was surprised to learn that by the 12th month, that is, December 2017, I had paid more in tithe than I did in 2016. There was a 120% increase in my tithing, which automatically means that there was a 120% increase in my salary. Truth be told, the struggle was real in 2017. I thought I was always broke but God made provision for me, and because I was faithful in my tithing, He ensured that I never lacked anything. Going into 2018, I’m going to challenge God and tithe even more because I believe in His promise attached to tithing.

If you have never tithed before, can I encourage you to start in 2018 and see what God does at the end of 2018? If you need any explanation on what it means to tithe or the reasons behind the promise attached to tithing, I will be happy to explain it to you and how you can monitor the blessings of God in your life. Just send me a private message.

These are Kingdom promises of our Father, and we are entitled to them if we follow His instructions.

Happy New Year.

God Is Bigger Than Your Goal

As the year inches to an end, it is time to reflect on the resolutions we made on 31st December, 2016 and 1st January, 2017. It is also time to reflect on how good the Lord has been to us. If you are like me, who keeps a journal, you will be able to track God’s goodness and you will realise that God has been, indeed, good.

For me, God promised to make me flourish in 2017, and He did. There were times that I did not think I was flourishing but God was there doing His thing and building my faith. There were times that I convinced myself that it was time to give up, and almost immediately, God showed up and reminded me that He is God. I’m a stronger person today because of all the struggles I went through in 2017. At the end of the year, I can say confidently that 2017 was a much better year for me than 2016, and there was no human effort involved, except for the people that God used to carry out His will for my life.

It is important that I add that I also made a covenant with God at the beginning of the year (on the first Sunday of 2017 – the Methodists call it Covenant Sunday) and sealed it with a sacrifice.

In addition to the reflections, it is also time to seek God’s guidance in setting new goals for 2018. My only advice is to set goals beyond your own capabilities, and trust God to deliver.

Your God is bigger than your goals.