Lent 2017 – Day Six

Love and patience are two virtues or fruits of the spirit that many Christians lack today. We are supposed to exhibit to one another, and to the world, the love that God shows to us. This kind of love means that we forgive each other and not keeping a record of the wrongs that people do to us. It means we treat other people the same way we will like to be treated. Let our prayer this lent include the Lord directing our hearts into His love. We should also pray that God directs our heart into Christ’s perseverance. We know that Christ was patient all the way to His death. They mocked Him, beat Him up, tossed Him around but because of His focus on the prize (saving us), He persevered. Having Christ’s perseverance means that we are focused on the prize and that no matter what we go through, we shall be victorious.


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